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Investment bridge.

Chronic stagnation: the consequences of 90-s and anti-Russian sanctions

In sanction policy conditions and complicated legacy of nineties, Russian industry is still in great decadence. Today there is technological backwardness, high ageing capital funds and primary limitation.

Moreover some significant problems should be underlined as blocking stable and long-term economic development: low investment activity of industrial organizations; lack of qualified specialists at some perspectives directions for development (in conditions of high level staff training), insufficient financial possibilities of branches; lack of up-to-date equipment for production of innovative competitive high-tech goods; little quantity of goods with high value added; overcharge price of credit resources because of introduced sanctions and running off monetization of Russian economics

Obviously, for balanced and stable industry development it is necessary to carry out enterprises’ technological modernization and to establish new diversified production.

Tighten your belts

On the other hand, absence of inputs leads to unsatisfactory business projects’ preparations. Therefore, enterprises are not ready to take investments neither upon staff qualification, nor the capital structure. Public funds can solve question with finance. Unfortunately, corruption elements with low-level investment culture above mentioned, prevent effective usage of such opportunities

Development initiative:
flow of direct investment from Abroad

Program “Investment Bridge” is established to involve sovereign resources and secure guarantees for initiatives of investment market professionals, also attract investors from SCO and BRIC countries. The main project’s aim is to update and establish new high-quality production.

Firstly, it relates to secondary industry enterprises, advanced oil and gas processing and other raw materials.

Program “Investment Bridge “Russia-China” should become an area for state efforts consolidation and investment possibilities of SCO and BRIC countries for organization stable flow investments to Russian industry and trade enterprises. That means systematic and long-term work with investment projects corresponding to Russian industry development strategy.

“Investment Bridge” will be an authorized structure for enterprise’s initiator audit, projects assessment and maintenance. It’s actual for providing stable economic growth, which need to attract low-budget investment funds and control its intended and effective use.

Specially focus on organization the work at increasing investment attractiveness of Russian enterprises who potential funding recipients are within the framework of the project “Investment Bridge”.

Sanctions or boomerang effect

In the conditions of sanction banning of financing the most important branches and abroad enterprises, as well direct recommendations from the USA for banks not to participate in purchasing Russian public sector bills. It is necessary to use floating capital stock issues of Russian enterprises at China, Korea, and Japan stock exchange for attracting investments.

In this case, program “Investment Bridge” can accommodate industrial production to choose investment consultant at preparing enterprises at IPO and underwriting. So attracting investments in industry development will be organized contrary to sanctions, part of government investments could be substituted with private foreign finance. As result, possibilities at quantity of realized projects grow.

Development initiative:
flow of direct investment from Abroad

In the frame of a project “Investment Bridge “Russia-China” Group of companies “Result” act the following functions: participating in investment strategy development, priority development guidelines, standards of investment projects realization; providing intended usage of funds and efficiency of financial investment; managerial decision optimization; forming human resources of enterprises, getting investments; elimination of corruption component; potential investor selection; investment project and enterprise’s initiator audit; increasing investment attractiveness initiator enterprise; structuring investment agreement;

Complete project management; engage specialists for solving complicated mechanical and technological tasks; act as EPC contractor in complicated projects; investment consulting and IPO prepearing.

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