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1 Promotion
.Membership in Association makes opportunities in drawing-up and provide assistance in preparing and program implementation, which is oriented to goods and services internal market development, improvement of business climate and property rights protection as well. Elaboration of scientific, analytical, methodical and consulting materials and recommendations, collecting, studying, analysis and information distribution, which is affect industrial’s interests. Prepare and submit a report about conditions and perspectives country’s economy development in whole and in certain directions;
2 Quick consultation
Association members are permitted to get consulting services in convenient form (verbally, in writing or by e-mail) at wide question spectrum, connected with doing business, including entry and reconstruction of legal entity, different tax regime usage, business planning and so on.
3 Useful knowledge
Association members gain access to rich marketing information about condition and development perspectives in our country and at global economic market space with goods and services of interest. It will help to organize correct business development strategy.
4 Public events
Association members have a right to assist in all public assemblies, organized by the Association, independent or cooperative with state or social structures (conferences, seminars, symposiums, round tables, public consultations, exhibitions and so on).
5 Promising communication
Membership in Association makes opportunities to establish business, investment and human partnerships with potential foreign partners. To be acquainted with foreign companies’ commercial proposals, regularly getting by Association and send own requests to international, regional and national entrepreneurial associations, with which Organization cooperates. The Association renders assistance to connections and cooperation development with national and international Entrepreneurs' Organization all over the world.
6 Intellectual property
Association members have a right to use tried support mechanism from Association’s side, innovative ideas and drawing-ups, directed at upgrading business and social practice, including tools for intellectual property protection and grant financing of scientific-technological innovations.
7 Support and protection
Membership in Association will attach additional business stability, because it allows promptly and completely appeal to variety forms and methods of contrariety illegal takeovers and unfair enterprise, worked-out in Investor’s Association system. The Association renders assistance to legal safeguard of enterpriser’s legally protected interests from administrative pressure and corruption; protect Russian business’s interests at foreign markets and development of joint business projects as well.
8 Authority
Association members can make use of following services as provide references to different authorities, non-commercial organizations and business structure on behalf of Association. As well application of respective logotype, which is considered as “trade mark” of belonging to honest, clear and law-abiding business as a result of Association’s authority.

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